Maynard's Memphis BBQ Rub and Seasoning

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Maynard's Memphis BBQ Rub is best for Low 'n Slow BBQ.  It contains quite a bit of sugar and produces a scrumptious bark on pork ribs, pork butts, brisket, pulled pork, burnt ends or any other smoked meats.

Miners Mix produces proprietary, award-winning all-natural, gourmet spice blends and BBQ rubs that contain about one quarter to a third the amount of salt found in competing brands.  Miners Mix uses only real genuine spices to achieve fantastic flavor without the need for MSG or other flavor enhancers, artificial ingredients, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, or any artificial ingredients.

Our company slogan: “If it didn’t exist in 1850, it ain’t in here!” means is that every ingredient in every Miners Mix package is the real, genuine article and is what could have been blended back in the days of the gold miners who sought their fortune in this Mother Lode region of California.  When you taste Miners Mix on a steak, piece of chicken, some grilled mushrooms or other vegetable, you really do taste the food, just as those tough ol’ gold miners did so many years ago.  

Great food is a balance of salt and spices, combined with the food’s natural flavor. Seasonings are supposed to complement the flavor of the food, not become the primary flavor or cover up the natural flavor of what’s on the plate because, after all, one eats foods for the flavor of the meats and vegetables - not the seasoning.  That’s the way seasonings should be.

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