Fur Eliminator - Pet Hair Remover

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Is your pet shedding everywhere?  Do you LOVE your pet but HATE cleaning up after them?  Have you tried vacuuming and using lint roller's with no results? 

We can relate because we are fur baby parents too! 

STOP spinning your wheels, wasting time and buying expensive disposable lint rollers! All you need is the Fur Eliminator! 

  • Works on all types of hair! Cats, dogs and even humans
  • The Fur Eliminator is 100% reusable and eco-friendly
  • Space saving size -Easy to store in purse, bag or drawer 
  • Can be used on clothes, carpet, furniture, sheets, comforters, etc.
  • Self-cleaning - No picking hair out of brush
  • No batteries needed
  • Light weight
  • Measurements 1.7" x 7.2"