Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my order?

We typically use the US Postal Service for delivery, but our inventory comes from all over, and some items are large enough to require us to use UPS or FedEx Ground. This means that your order might arrive really quickly, depending on where it is warehoused and where you live, but please allow up to thirty business days for most items, as many of our items ship directly from Asia. Where we can, we try to give you an Estimated Delivery Time in our listings. When we get a tracking number, we'll share it with you.

Why does it take so long to get a tracking number?

Many of our drop-shipping suppliers have an extended fulfillment process that requires them to take as much as a week before the order actually ships. When they do ship an order, they provide us a tracking number, which we quickly forward to you. In this way, we both can track your order to delivery.

Can I get Expedited Shipping?

We're sorry, but no, we don't offer Expedited Shipping. In order to offer Free Standard Shipping, we've had to make special arrangements, and those arrangements prevent us from offering other forms of shipping.

Do you ship to addresses outside the US?

While we have the capability to ship worldwide, we don't have the ability to track or support most foreign orders. Therefore, we limit shipping to US-based addresses. We are aware of third-party services that can consolidate shipping to forward packages from the US to other countries. At this writing, we do not have any relationship with these companies, but note one such company,, has a good reputation for this service.

I want to buy more than one of something, but I don't see where I can change the quantity.

When you visit your shopping cart, as you are getting ready to place your order, you will have the option to set the quantity you wish to purchase. The default value is the minimum purchase quantity.

I've got a product I think you might want to sell.

Great! Finding affordable, neat stuff can be so difficult some times. If you have something you think we might want to sell, use the Contact page to send us some details. We'll give it some thought.

Will the Chinese New Year affect my order?

Sometimes it will. The Chinese New Year is treated in China the way many Western companies treat the two weeks around Christmas-New Years Day. Many Chinese companies suspend operations for the two weeks surrounding the Chinese New Year, so that workers can spend time with their families. If the item you ordered ships from China, it may take as much as an extra two weeks for delivery.

If the item ships from another location, and many of them do, the Chinese New Year should not affect your order.