About Us

People wonder how We Sell Neat Stuff, LLC came to sell such a wide assortment of seemingly unrelated stuff. The simple answer is, when we consider a product, we ask ourselves if we think the item is "neat" and we think we can sell it at a fair price. If the answer is "yes," we'll try to add it to our collection. If our customers end up disagreeing, that item won't be in our collection for long.

A strange way of looking at things, we know. Experts tell us to get into a niche and specialize. Maybe someday we might, but the store we've created here is the kind of store we'd like to shop in, ourselves.

We hope you enjoy your visit. Come back often and drop us a line! We offer a simple Contact Us form accessible from any page. If you prefer to mail us a letter, we accept USPS Mail at: 

We Sell Neat Stuff, LLC
3547 53rd Ave W #133
Bradenton, FL 34210