Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Pad w/ Wrist Cushion Support

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· ERGONOMIC & USABLE – Our memory foam rest pad is smooth, breathable, lightweight, comfortable, durable and so ergonomic. Go with a premium Mouse Wrist Rest Support that easily bounces back into shape after hours of use.

· DURABLE, PREMIUM QUALITY – order a memory foam rest pad that’s designed from top quality foam that lasts long so you get maximum value for your money. Our premier Mouse Wrist Rest Support is the gold-standard for quality when it comes to bringing comfort to your computer work table.

· NON-SKID – if you work long hours behind a computer screen, then a Mouse Wrist Rest Support is a must-have! Our rest pad has a non-skid rubber base that offers a heavy grid so you can work comfortably without any chance of unwanted movement for the mouse pad.

· ELEGANT LOOK – work with an aesthetically appealing memory foam rest pad that adds and aura of elegance to your workspace. Take advantage of an elegant wrist pad to improve hand and wrist posture, avoid wrist and joint problems, as well as release stress from the elbows and shoulders after hours of computer use.

Package Includes:
· 1 Mouse Pad

Estimated Delivery Time: up to 3 weeks