Yes, we do offer personal surveillance devices. We just have a little trouble advertising so.

Posted by Alan Frayer on


Doveryai, no proveryai (Trust, but verify)
- Russian proverb, often quoted by US President Ronald Reagan



"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer"
- Mario Puzo's "The Godfather


These two quotes seem to go a long way toward the purpose of modern personal surveillance. This also seems to be the reason the politically correct (PC) crowd stands opposed to the sale of personal surveillance equipment.

It boils down to this: personal surveillance equipment permits someone to observe, if not record, an individual performing various tasks without his or her knowledge. This might be as innocent as watching over the entrance to a building or valuables in a home or office. It might also mean catching trusted family, friends, or colleagues in an act of personal treason.

Those of us who market personal surveillance products are not being judgmental. We are neutral providers of the tools one might need for the task. We are only concerned that the products do their job. How the products are used would not be for us to determine.

What would be important for the PC crowd to understand is that blind trust commonly ends badly. It is good to trust, as it is good to be trustworthy. But without the means to verify that trust from time to time, it is easy for that trust to be misused. It may be wrong to "spy" on a person without cause, or worse, with malevolent intent, but we can easily make a case for collecting the evidence needed to protect oneself and/or one's property from those with malevolent intent.

In today's climate, companies like Google and Facebook want to be perceived as public protectors, so they see only how personal surveillance devices can be misused and formulate policies that prevent the advertising of these devices. This does make it more difficult for the public to find these devices for friendly purposes, and just as difficult for sellers to advertise the presence of the devices for sale.

We do offer personal surveillance products for sale. Our customers do not need to disclose the reason for buying the products. We would ask, however, since it is not as easy as it once was to advertise these products, that if our customers are discussing personal surveillance in a positive light, they might also share our website in the discussion. We would like our customers to enjoy their safety as much as they do.