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Steak Sea Salt from Sea Salt FloridaEarly in our plans for We Sell Neat Stuff, we knew we needed to play with variety. There's no telling what people will like, after all, so we needed to try a little of everything. But when it came to the kitchen, we had that worked out. See, we knew an individual who is a relative rarity in the culinary world: an artisan of gourmet sea salts.

Sea salt, simply put, is dietary salt harvested from the sea. Where simple table salt consists entirely of sodium chloride (NaCl), mined from salt deposits around the world, sea salt will contain a variety of other minerals that add to the flavor (and some say health potential) that come from the waters where it is harvested. Artisans not only strive to preserve the best of the waters, but will often add ingredients to the harvest to provide unique and exciting flavors to the sea salt.

Sea salt can come from just about anywhere, and sometimes one might wonder about some of the varieties. We've seen popular brands call their product Pacific Sea Salt with labels indicating packaging performed in the US Midwest. We've seen Hawaiian Sea Salt, distinguished by its black color, that gained its color through the addition of activated charcoal!

This is part of what makes it great that we know the artisan behind Sea Salt Florida. The sea salt is harvested in smaller batches and prepared in the same community where it is harvested. Quality is well controlled, and the flavors are - well - unbelievable!

Yes, the Sea Salt Florida product is more expensive than mass produced sea salts, but the quality and flavors are so worth it! This was clearly a "neat" item that had to make it into our inventory!



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